Thursday, May 20, 2010

Barns & Coop are coming!

I realize that I have a Chicken Problem. And it's not just me. I've corrupted my poor children too. A few little chicks. A few hatching eggs. An incubator. And the addiction was born. Chickens! Who knew what great pets they are??? Funny little fuzzballs, pecking our feet, sitting on our laps, making us laugh. And we haven't even gotten any eggs yet!

At the moment, we have 61 chickens (including the 9 chicks on my dining room table). My poor husband keeps asking me what my Master Plan is for Chickens. Sadly, or happily depending on whether you are Him or Me, I don't think I have a Master Plan. We're just enjoying our chickens.

You may remember that we have two coops and we spent a lot, a lot of time building the chicken run. Finally it was done. My husband breathed a sigh of relief and looked forward to life without Chicken Work. So I can understand his look of Disbelief when I announced we needed another coop and run.

Sorry, sweetie! All the chicks are getting big and I realize I need to separate the Large Ones from the Small Ones. The big ones pick on the little ones, and the Silkies can't even really see half the time so they need their own space to relax. They can't possibly all be together. We need another coop. And another run. You understand, right? Picture me looking very adorable and adoring, using any feminine wifely wile I could think of to plead my case.

Okay... no, he didn't understand... just glared at me, asking about my Master Plan.

It took a few weeks, but I have managed to convince this sweet and tolerant man that we must have a chicken coop. Yippee! It's ordered and will be here next week and matches our first coop with the swing. My Amish friend Ron is also very tolerant and is customizing the playhouse into a coop for me, complete with nest boxes, roosts, doors, extra windows.... at no additional cost. Thanks, Ron!

 I also talked Husband into shelters for the goats and donkeys. He was at a weak point so I went for it all. Our little barns will arrive early next week, followed by my new coop.

Now, about that chicken run..... Uh.... Excuse me while I try to find my husband. He seems to have disappeared.


  1. Could you please convince my husband, too? I want some Silkies and Polish but am worried about flock integration. Just put the link up from my blog to yours.


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