Monday, January 10, 2011

They got it right this time!

Wow! Now this is SNOW! After several days of build up on the news and two days of packed grocery stores, it began snowing last night and it's still going this morning. We have at least 6-7 inches so far and it's really snowing. Unfortunately the freezing rain is about to start so my children are out trying to enjoy it. Not great packing snow though. Very powdery. For South Carolina, this is a MAJOR snow storm!
We went to the farm yesterday and did what we could to get the animals ready. I wish we lived there! I'm so worried about my chickens! I gave them extra food and put a few waterers in the coops in the hope that they wouldn't freeze. I think they'll be okay today but tomorrow they will need more food and water. If the weather forecast holds true, we will get freezing rain all day and into the night, making for very icy and nasty roads in the morning. Fingers crossed that we can travel tomorrow!
So since I can't take pictures of the farm (which I know is gorgeous this morning!), here are some from my house. Hope it's as beautiful where you are today!

EDITED TO ADD: I can't get the pictures to upload. Will keep trying!

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  1. Shucks--can’t wait to see the pics. Sure hope you can get out there tomorrow. Be safe!


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