Saturday, January 8, 2011

My first delivery!

This morning I took my first delivery of eggs to Corley's Market here in Greenwood. My first commercial account! I told them I'd be back with my camera to take pictures of my sweet eggs in the grocery case once they get them set up. They looked so pretty in their clear carton and cute label. I hope whoever buys them appreciates them!
And guess what? We're expecting a "Major Winter Storm". I admit that I'm a bit of a weather junkie (nerd) so the threat of any kind of winter precipitation gets me excited! The storm is due to arrive tomorrow night and continue through Monday. Up to 6-12 inches of snow and then ice. If we don't lose power, I'll be able to sit in front of a fire enjoying it all.
Today was so windy that my chickens were all hunkered down in the coops. I threw some scratch out for them and the brave babies that came out were blowing all over the place! Bless their hearts.
My hatch is done and I ended up with two chicks. Not great but better than my last hatch which ended up with none. We have a new kitten who is extremely interested in the chicks so I can't raise them on the dining room table like I used to do. Right now they are in our half bath enjoying the beautiful granite countertops, vessel sink and silk curtains!
I started to drift over to some of the hatchery sites to look at chicks but I managed to stop myself! I finally sat down and counted up my chickens. I *think* I have 143 right now. As far as I'm concerned, there's always room for a few more! Right?


  1. Hey Gal, so happy for you to have a commercial account. Can’t wait to see the eggs in the grocer’s case. I loved your clear cartons and cute labels. I am with you..there is always room for one more :) My husband disagrees with me on that.
    Stay warm and enjoy the snow!

  2. I think this is such a neat thing you are doing. Congrats on the commercial account. Can't wait to see the photo of the eggs in the case!


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