Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ice.... Brrrrrr

It dawned on me in the middle of the night why I couldn't upload pictures. I upgraded to IE9 the other day and have had nothing but problems since then! Good thing I also have Chrome.

To my mother-in-law: I know you're reading that wondering what I'm talking about, but don't fret. Just enjoy the pictures! It's computer stuff. :)

My sweet husband braved the roads and made it to the farm yesterday afternoon. With the freezing rain starting and forecast to continue overnight, we decided that driving on snow might be better. He said the roads were slippery and terrible and a normal 20-minute drive took significantly longer. But he made it and took care of my chickens (and the sheep and goats and donkeys and dog of course!).  Besides a little snow in one of the coops, everyone weathered the storm just fine. He gathered what eggs he could see. I don't think he's as proficient at reaching under the chickens for eggs as I am! I paced the floor for a few hours until he made it home and was relieved when he walked in. Thanks, Honey!

The beautiful snow is now covered with a thick layer of ice which makes it pretty but dangerous. School is closed again today and we will spend another wonderful day in front of the fire playing games and eating too much. Usually snow in South Carolina melts by the next day. Our current forecast does not show temps much above freezing for several days, so this may be hanging around awhile!

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  1. Try to enjoy the snow days at home. They can be great, but if they go on for too long the cabin fever sets in!


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