Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow 2011.... farm version!

We made it to the farm! What a mess. They do not de-ice or plow our roads down here so you travel at your own risk! We made it to Walmart where I found absolutely no milk or anything else I wanted. Shelves cleaned bare. I did manage to pick up a few items to take the farm so we can eat for the next day! The normally 20-minute trip took about 40 minutes. We got stuck spinning out heading into the farm but finally got a little traction and headed down our very, very long driveway (1/2 mile!). We have 6 inches of snow with a crust of ice on top. Not fun to walk on to be sure!All the animals were alive and okay. Thankfully. The sheep had escaped their pasture and either didn't know how to get back or didn't like walking on icy snow.

Thanks to Farmer Cole and my sweet baby girl, the sheep managed to head home for a bite to eat. I wish all children lined up as nicely as my sheep!

The farm was dressed in a beautiful coat of white. My chickens did not cooperate with the photo shoot though. Despite the yummies I tossed outside, they wanted nothing to do with the snow!

They may not like the snow, but they still laid eggs!

It's cold, crunchy, icy, and wet, but I don't care! I'm here and I can take of my little sweeties. The sun has just set and it's freezing out there. Black Ice warnings tonight. No school again tomorrow. At least I can go to bed not worrying about the animals!

 I swore I wouldn't complain about the weather this winter after the horrible summer we had. So I'm not! It's pretty and it's cold but I can handle it. Stay warm and safe wherever you are!


  1. Stay safe and warm! Glad the animals are okay and those sheep lined up are adorable.

  2. It looks absolutely picture perfect. The sheep all lined up--that is card worthy. Those southern chickens--can’t get them out in the snow eh? :) Stay warm and be safe.

  3. Wonderful photos, reminds me of when I was kid on our farm ! glad the animals are ok as well, the kind of weather to put the fire on and just stay warm and snuggly ! Have a warm and safe day !

  4. oh i love the photo with the sheep all lined up, that is soo neat! your animals are so pretty! love the colored eggs. stay warm and drive safe! jill


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