Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ugh..... this weather!

The last two weeks.....  Brrrrr! The temperature struggles every morning to get out of the teens. All the animals have frozen water and frozen feet. Tonight we're expecting ice and freezing rain. How fun! Yesterday I found two of my little Columbian Rock chicks dead in the chicken run. I couldn't tell if they had died from the cold weather or from being trampled. I have a coop right there open for business with a nice heat lamp for them. But no one is ever in there! I moved my remaining five Columbian Rocks into the locked coop with the real baby chicks.

I'm ready for temperatures above freezing. Just a little above. I'm not greedy!


  1. I know what you mean. I dread seeing out electric bill next month. We are also expecting the freezing rain/sleet/snow. FUN!

  2. Oh I am sorry about your chickens. We’re struggling too. I have so many chickens in the barn all day due to the cold-they are fighting and fussing. My peacocks are sleeping in a tree--wind chills below zero. They have a big roost in a rather warm barn--but they pick the tree and won’t come down :(

  3. So sorry about the chicks. I hear you on the weather though. We were in the negative numbers yesterday so we kept the chickens inside. They were quite grumpy about it but at least it made me feel better!

  4. Here in Ontario Canada we have had our share of cold and snow temp has been minus 15 or less thats below zero BRRR ! and the snow boy oh boy its been snowing here on and off for two weeks, but thats Canadian winters for ya lol. Hope you have a warm and happy weekend !


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