Wednesday, December 1, 2010


No, I'm not grumpy. My goat is Grumpy! Seven goats came with our farm so of course, we had to name them after the Seven Dwarfs. And someone had to be Grumpy. Little did we know at the time how great she is and how in charge! She's definitely the boss of that pasture. She even takes on the Big Horn Sheep.

Grumpy is very, very pregnant. Her sides are so big and her belly is practically dragging on the ground. Every day I expect to have new kids, but not yet! I just love Grumpy.

How can you not love this face?


  1. I love that picture! My neighbor has goats and the babies are so cute.

  2. I have to admit Grumpy would be the boss of my pasture if I had one. Cute and scary all at the same time. Very funny!

  3. She's a mess, for sure! And having twins. Can't wait to see my new babies!

  4. Susanne, she is beautiful. I just love her. She wears her name well.


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