Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

Early December in South Carolina is NOT supposed to be this cold! The temperature hovered around 13 degrees this morning. Yikes! I ran out to check on all the chickens (especially the baby chicks I brought out yesterday), and they seemed okay. Amazing how chickens just walk around in such freezing weather. The chicks are in a locked coop under a heat lamp so I hope they'll be okay. Looks like the cold weather is hanging around for awhile. BRRRRRRR!!!!!

I snapped this picture this morning of a little goose just swimming around the pond behind our house. She didn't seemed bothered at all by the temperature!


  1. 13 degrees sounds like summer to us here in southwestern Ontario. We were hammered by a snowstrom that lasted 3 days and the temp is minus 10, with the windchill it makes it feel like minus 15 thats all below 0 BRRRRR ! Have a warm and happy day !

  2. Okay, you're right. You win! But keep in mind that we are wimps! I don't know how you farm up there! :)

  3. It was 12 degrees here in KY this morning. Just too cold!

  4. Our ducks were skating on their little pool!
    It is way to cold in SC!

    ETA:My verification code ended with the word SNO



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