Friday, July 2, 2010

Peep, peep! Welcome to the farm, Chicks!!

Bright and early, I called the post office to see if my chicks had arrived. I was suprised when someone actually answered the phone and even more surprised when Mr. Post Office said that they weren't actually open but I could come around back and pick up the chicks. Off we go!! And I said a short prayer that there wouldn't be any dead ones.

The box rode home between the children in the back seat and the entire car filled with chirping. Soon enough we were home, opening the box, and making sure everyone was moving. They were!! Woo hoo!!!

We quickly put the chicks into their new mail bins homes, showed each one the food and water, gave them a small sip, turned on the heat lamp, and done! We tried to put similar breeds together. It's obvious though sthat they will quickly outgrow their mail bins. I'm going to need to come up with another idea fast. I've never had this many little ones at the same time. Plus in three weeks, the chicks in the incubator will start hatching. Less than three weeks actually. Hmmmm.... still working that out!

Fifteen sweet little Easter Eggers... they will lay colored eggs of some sort but we won't know for several months until they actually start laying. They look like baby chipmunks, don't they? Adorable!

Five Giant Cochins and five Brahmas. Both breeds have feathered legs and I can't actually tell which one is which at the moment, but they will have different combs soon and then I'll know!

Five Partridge Rocks and five Dominique chicks. So cute!!!

These are supposed to all be girls which thankfully will eliminate the guessing game as they grow up: are you a boy or a girl?  I have WAYYYYY too many roosters right now and they are getting older and more irritating. Do they really need to date the hens all the time??? And by date, I mean they jump on the hen's back; she squawks and tries to scurry away; he starts biting her neck feathers; she squawks louder and eventually manages to escape; my daughter is screaming "Leave her alone!!!"; the hen desperately tries to find somewhere to hide... you get the picture. Not a lot of fun for us bystanders, or the hen for that matter. I may keep a few select roosters just so I can hear them crow but the rest will be headed to new homes as soon as I can find some!

Welcome home, little ones!!

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