Friday, July 9, 2010

Don't take those trees!!

Our farm is surrounded by woods. Not only are they beautiful, but they give us complete privacy from everyone. We knew that most of it is owned by a forestry company and we've been hoping that they just leave it alone for years.

Well, that didn't happen. Yesterday, someone started clearing the area in back of our second pond. I could hear the trucks and the sawing and then the trees started toppling over. Broke my heart. Quicker than I imagined, they had cleared a whole road right at the edge of our property line and the trucks were rumbling back and forth. What used to be beautiful green trees is now an ugly brown road.

Instead of feeding and watering the animals like I was supposed to be doing, I just stood and stared. I couldn't take my eyes off the trees disappearing before my eyes. They sure don't waste any time. As I was leaving, they were headed off in the other direction. I'm scared to go out there today and see what it looks like. So sad.

The only good news is that I came home and looked up who owns the exact property that was being cleared. Fortunately, it's not the pulp wood company. It's a private citizen and they only own 18 acres. There's only so much damage they can do, but I still hate it.

I wish it had been at the front of our farm where we never spend any time. They did it in one of the places we see most. Hopefully they are finished and the peace and quiet is restored. We'll see.

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