Saturday, July 10, 2010

A man and his tractor

My sweet husband informed me yesterday morning that a tractor was being delivered that afternoon to the farm so we could "try it out" over the weekend. Hmmmm.....try it out, huh? Not one to spoil his excitement, I smiled and said, "Great idea!" So we headed out to the farm to take delivery of our borrowed tractor.

And then here it came.

Tractor off and Cole on! Ready for a little Tractor Education.

Got it! Now let's take it out in the pasture!

What does this do??

And then he was off! He looks at home, doesn't he??

After a quick inspection by the children and a plea from Colin to "please, can I help?", my boys took the big Orange Machine for a spin.

Since I couldn't pry him off the tractor, I headed inside to start dinner. However, my plan changed when I looked out the window and saw Farmer Cole off in a pasture just mowing away.

A few hours later, he was still at it and the kids and I decided we would just cook hot dogs over a fire when the man finally got tired of being on his new tractor. He did a great job though and the areas he mowed look tidy and nice... at last! Now onto the other 90 acres.

First thing this morning, he was out of bed and on his tractor. He also found several uses for the Front End Loader I didn't think we needed. Had to prove me wrong!

Come Monday morning, I'm pretty sure we will no longer be "borrowing" this tractor. We will be it's new owners. Oh, joy!

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