Friday, July 30, 2010

Hatch is done.

Our latest hatch is history. We ended up hatching all 10 of our Wheaten Marans eggs, although one died a few days afterwards. We also ended up with 7 adorable Ameraucanas: one blue, one splash, and 5 black. After living in the Dining Room for a week, all are safely abiding in the Chicken Tractor on the farm. Last night was their first night and I'm headed out in a minute to check on everyone.

We lost one of our precious Splash Silkies yesterday. Wendy just couldn't take the heat. I noticed the day before that she looked a little puny. I tried to get her to take some water and to spend some time outside. She always wanted to stay inside the sweltering coop. Everyone else just mills around outside during the day and hangs out in the shade under the coop. She never would and I assume the heat and humidity inside the coop finally did her in. So Cole buried her next to all the other animals.

What else has been going on? Blackjack laid an egg with two yolks. That was kind of cool! And I have a new idea in the works. Stay tuned for more info!

Oh... and we might be starting a Christmas Tree farm on our propery. How fun!


  1. Hi! Lovve ur blog. Our mamma lives in Geenwood. Was wondering if u would consider selling a Black Ameraucana rooster. I'm a newbie too. I have 4 hens in a 10x12 tractor..he would be very happy.please contact me at 803-315-6414 or
    Thanks, Joy

  2. Thanks, Joy! We don't have any roosters at the moment but if we get a black Ameraucana roo out of this batch, I'll let you know! Glad you enjoy the blog.


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