Monday, February 7, 2011

Three new babies... and the flu

Oh, dear. It's been a very long four days. My little boy (well, he's 10 and not really so little... but you know how it is! He's my little boy!) came home from school Friday not feeling well. I don't know how it is where you live, but here in South Carolina, the flu is running wild. And it's not a little, bothersome flu. It's an out for 10 days, in the bed, horrible flu. And so he has it. Thankfully the rest of us are still well but I'm tired! If he can't sleep, I can't sleep so we spend much of the night awake and sad. Hopefully he'll be better tomorrow.

While I've been playing nursemaid, my husband has been counting sheep! After losing three baby lambs to the cursed coyotes, we've had three more born this week and all are doing well! A friend of ours put out a few coyote traps. No coyotes have been trapped but something he did is obviously keeping them away. If my son feels up to it tomorrow, we'll spend the day at the farm and I can finally take some pictures!

I have several new ideas in the works for the farm. Can't wait to share them! But first I have to talk my husband into them. And that's taking some work!


  1. Oh my your poor guy, its hard when our kids are sick . I feel so helpless. I hope he gets better soon and you get some rest yourself. Hubby and I had been sick on and off from before Christmas till the middle of January I thought we would never get well. Hope you all get back to normal soon ! Take care !

  2. So sorry your little man is sick. It’s going around a little further north too. Sorry about the baby sheep. I do hate coyotes. Evil creatures if you ask me :(

  3. Sorry to hear about your son and those coyotes. We have trouble with them here. Hope you do post some pictures!


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