Tuesday, February 8, 2011


At the end of our snowstorm in January came the time for our foster sheep to move onto greener pastures. I was kind of glad since feeding them was expensive and time-consuming! It took a lot of people and two extraordinary herding dogs to get the sheep into the trailer and it was fun to watch! We did it though!
We kept eight sheep: four rams and four ewes. And now have three babies. Yay!!
We had to catch Snowflake and put him on his trailer for the ride back to his house before letting the dogs loose. It took awhile but eventually we had him!

Dopey didn't really enjoy being penned up during all the action... as you can plainly see.

The dogs were doing a great job until.....

this happened. Uh oh.  Escape!

Finally they are headed into the trailer with my handsome farmer now doing most of the herding.

And people call you a city boy. You're a farmer now, sweetie! Look at you go!

It was a really interesting and fun day. All the sheep made it safely to their new destination and we settled in nicely with our much reduced flock. Plus a new donkey with a new name.

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  1. I remember those days on our farm when I was a youngster, our sheep would take to the air to get away boy oh boy can they jump almost like the have springs for legs lol. I miss all the animals not being on a farm still in the country and we are working towards our own hobby farm. Have a great day !


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