Sunday, February 20, 2011

Something to brighten my flu-ridden life

What a couple of weeks! My son had the flu all of last week. Then my husband got it. And now I have it. And my daughter. And now my husband has escaped to California on a week-long business trip leaving me with a stuffed nose, cough and a fever-ridden 6-yr old. sniff sniff
On the plus side, all three lambs are growing and thriving. And we woke up this morning to a beautiful sight.... two new baby goats! Dopey, bless her big pregnant self, finally had her twins. The poor thing hadn't been able to walk comfortably for weeks. I gave her as many pep talks as I could (which was difficult when I didn't have a voice for two days), but she just wasn't ready. This morning, I went out to the pasture to check on her and there they were! A fat little white kid and a little tan one trying desperately to figure out how to use its legs.

Can't be a bad day after all!


  1. Hope you are feeling better lady. Your little babies are adorable. That white one with blue eyes and crooked ears--oh my gosh--could be in a children’s book :)

  2. Those goats are just too cute for words. Sorry to hear you are sick. I can totally relate as my husband has left on business and I have been sick/kids have been sick. No fun!

  3. Hope you feel better real soon.
    The goats are soo cute.
    Hope you have a good day !


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