Friday, August 27, 2010

More sheep ... less roosters.

The sheep are due to arrive Sunday afternoon. The herding dogs are confirmed. Cole and I received a phone call today from our local paper. Apparently the abandoned sheep are big news and the reporter interviewed us over the phone as part of the story. When the reporter asked about our farm experience, we had to tell the truth. Not much. All we heard on the other end was a lot of laughter.

Did either of you grow up on a farm?  Well, no....
Do you know a lot about large animals? Not really... but we're learning.
Have you always been animal lovers?  Well, we've always had cats and dogs...
Not sheep?  No. But we have a lot of chickens.

More laughter. We're hoping she was laughing in a "y'all are sweet to do this" kind of way and not "y'all are crazy to do this" way. She may even come out on Sunday to take pictures of the round up at the current location of the sheep and/or the drop off at our farm. Cole and Colin walked the pasture we're going to put the sheep in and made sure the fence was secure and that everything is ready. And it is. Bring on the sheep!

Our friend Hasan came by and picked up a few more roosters. Love having someone local who will give our roosters a home. We gave him four and it's definitely a lot quieter and calmer around here. We are keeping just one rooster in each area, Butterscotch and Frosty. They are both gentle Giants.... easy to be around, hold and nice to the hens. All this dating that has been going on is hard on everyone's nerves! The hens woke up today, looked around and did a happy dance. We all did.

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  1. Susanne,

    I think the reporter's laughter combined both sweet and crazy in her laugh! ;) I wish I could see your sheep and chickens! You are becoming a farmer by assimilation... and those sheep are lucky to have you.


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