Monday, August 23, 2010

Cheerleading and their First Day

One day she wants to be a cheerleader. The next, she doesn't. Nevertheless, she headed off to Cheerleading camp at her new school and spent three days learning how to be the perfect Cheerleader. The rest of us non-Cheerleaders were invited to come see a program on the last day. My daughter did great... although she still claims she will NEVER cheer in front of people.

A few short days later and the first day of school arrived. Colin headed off to the Big World of 4th grade complete with cursive writing and oral book reports. Annaliese headed off to Kindergarten.

The day dawned beautifully, although it sure felt early after sleeping in all summer!

Soon enough, they were dressed, fed and ready to go!

We arrived promptly and eagerly. Well, I was eager. My daughter was a bit nervous and my son was loudly proclaiming he didn't want to go back to school (although I could tell he was secretly excited and wouldn't admit it!).

We walked Annaliese to her classroom, and I was prepared to get a little teary-eyed, picturing myself giving her a big, encouraging hug and kiss. As soon as we walked into the room, she took off without a backwards glance. She did, however, come back and pose for one picture even though it was interfering with her "friend" time. I guess it's good to have well-adjusted children. :)

The first day of school was just a half day, so I took the children to lunch after I picked them up. Annaliese declared her first day was an 11 on a scale of 1-10. Good sign! Colin gave it a 9. When I asked why it wasn't a 10, he replied that you "just can't give school a 10, Mommy." Fair enough. I'll take a 9.


  1. Colin is completely right. You can't give school a 10. Well, maybe on field trip day.

  2. Ha! So true. Thanks for stopping by. :)


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