Thursday, August 26, 2010

some new additions.... maybe

We were contacted today through the Greenwood Humane Society about some abandoned sheep that desperately need a home. Apparently someone abandoned a whole farm full of animals and a Rescue Farm is trying to find homes. We were told that there are 80 sheep and there is no grass or food for them to eat. Twenty had already died. Of course we agreed to take them. We have a lot of empty pasture land, ponds full of water, and yummy grass to graze on all day long.

Mr. Mann from the Rescue Farm came out tonight to meet us and check out our farm. What a great guy! He and his wife rescue animals from counties all around us. And not small animals. The big ones that are hard to place: donkeys, horses, sheep, pigs. After I made them hold a chicken or two, we made plans for the Arrival of the Sheep. Mr. Mann said it might be closer to 40 sheep now and he may have permanent homes for some down the road. He also said they are "strange" sheep. They don't have wooly hair and they have huge ram-like horns. Not exactly the sheep I was picturing, but that's fine. They need a good home and we can provide it. The logistics of rounding up the sheep and getting them here is the biggest obstacle. A few local people with herding dogs have agreed to help and we expect the sheep (or at the least the first group) to arrive sometime Sunday. I have no idea what to expect or if we will end up keeping any for the long haul, but I'm looking forward to welcoming these strange sheep as guests to Huckleberry Farm.

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  1. Susanne! That is SO sweet that you are rescuing. Can't wait to see photos. Do you knit??


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