Friday, September 10, 2010

Today at the farm

It was a beautiful day at the farm today. I brought along my camera to take a few pictures of the animals.... and one husband.

We have 45 sheep now and all are loving life at their new home.

I love this guy! From far away, the rams look like they have ponytails.

A couple of my silkies waiting for breakfast.

Cookie looking for a treat.

The donkeys are so great! Friendly and gentle. Our baby is getting so big.

Grumpy always has to check everything out. Always hoping there's food involved. She looks like she's expecting again. Those goats multiply A LOT!

This used to be one of our babies but he's growing up. And starting to like the ladies.

The sheep are beginning to like us a little but are still very skitterish. It takes time. Cole insists he is the Sheep Whisperer but I didn't really see that today. Must only happen when I'm not there. :)

A little ewe. Looking at me.

And now he's the Donkey Whisperer.

A few of the eggs I collected today. A big brown one. A big green one. And a teeny tiny little tan one. You'd have to see the little one in real life to appreciate how very small it is. You need at least two to make one normal size egg. But the chicken who lays it is small and at least she's contributing! Loving the green eggs! Thanks Bobbi and Katie!!!


  1. You have such neat animals! And what a precious family. Those silkies are adorable. Love the farm. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. "From far away the rams look like they have ponytails" ROFL! That cracked me up, because, from up close, they look completely scary!

    I'm a new subscriber from the Southern Moms blog. You have a great little blog here, and I greatly admire your work on this farm. I would love to do something like that, but I know the reality is vastly different from the dream. Good luck, and happy eating!


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