Monday, September 27, 2010

RAIN!!!! And a stuck goat.

Oh, joy! It's been raining, and raining hard, for two days. After a month of no rain, those beautiful wet drops were such a welcome sight. Looks like we received about 4 inches, and while that's a bit much all at one time, I'm not going to complain!

After dropping the children off at school, I headed out to the farm, hoping I had a rain coat there. I didn't. And it was coming down hard. I managed to collect eggs and check on the chickens without getting too wet. One look at their waterers and the flood they were sitting in was enough to convince me that they could drink the puddle if they needed more water. Filling all the waterers is time-consuming and the pump is out in the open which would mean I would be out in the open. And soaked. The chickens happily splashed through their chicken run, oblivious to their bedraggled feathers and muddy feet. I ran into the house for a cup of hot tea and a towel.....

And then I heard it. Oh, no! The panicked BAA BAA of a goat. Two weeks ago I had heard the same sound. Turned out it was a little goat with his head stuck through the fence at the very back corner of the pasture. And it's a big pasture. And he was WAYYYYY back there and very stuck. I don't know how he got his head and horns through that little hole. That day I somehow freed the goat, although it took about 30 minutes and a whole lot of tugging, pushing and grasping of horns. Of course that day was sunny and nice.

Today I looked out into the pasture and sure enough, that same stupid sweet goat was stuck in the fence again. UGH!!!! The rain was not letting up and I promise you that I thought long and hard about just leaving him out there until and if the rain let up. But I couldn't do that. Apparently I love that little stinker. Even though he's obviously not very smart.

By the time I finally managed to get him loose, and this was not a fast process as he was fighting me every step of the way, I was soaked, scratched and irritable. Not to mention muddy. So instead of my cup of hot tea, I ended up having a shower and doing a load of laundry. Oh, the things I do for these animals!

Goat freed, chickens fed, eggs gathered, me clean. Huckleberry Farm is at peace. For now.

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  1. Hahaha, I know what you mean about what you will do for your animals. I am the same way here in WV. We don't have goats but we have other critters that love to get into crazy situations we have to get them out of. You go "Free the Goat Woman" :)
    Amy at Verde Farm


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