Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kindergarten Field Trip

Right before Halloween, my daughter's Kindergarten class came to Huckleberry Farm for a field trip. 21 kids + 2 teachers + 1 Grandmother + 2 parents + lots of animals = FUN!

First off, a little sing along with Farmer Cole.

Of course we sang Old MacDonald! Right at the part about the sound a chick makes, my rooster, Butterscotch, conveniently started crowing his head off. My husband said, "Just like we planned it. Good job, Butterscotch!" The children thought that was hilarious!

Colin tried to keep Lambchop occupied.

A quick lesson on goats and then some fun feeding of treats. The goats were in Heaven!

Some of the children liked that part better than others!

And then it was on to the donkeys!

Oh, Blue! He loved the kids! Being deaf and half-blind has its advantages!

We gathered to read a story about a hen and her big egg before heading off to see and hold the chickens. The children loved seeing eggs in the nest boxes!

Then it was time for a game of Hot Potato. Farmer Cole played the guitar and we used one of our huge Sweet Potatoes to pass. A few of the kids got knocked over by the big potato but they all laughed so it's okay!

All the children were very well-behaved, asked great questions and showed respect to the animals. We loved having them out and can't wait to do it again!


  1. What a wonderful day for all. Great photos and post. I was raised on a farm and loved it. I find kids that are around farm animals have a better perspective of life and nature thats around them , they are more stable in them selves and confident ! Have a great day !

  2. What a terrific field trip. We are working to do field trips to our farm. You've given me some great ideas Suzanne. Your Farmer with the guitar is perfect. My Farmer plays too :0) I bet the kids had the best time. Did they hold baby chicks?


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