Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chicks and a present

The leaves are starting to change! Seems a little late this year (probably thanks to that horrible, hot, humid, miserable summer we had) but at last, the leaves are taking on the beautiful hues of red and orange.

My latest batch of baby chicks made the big move to the farm a few days ago and are happily living in one of the little coops. Under a heat lamp of course! They have grown so much just in the last two days! I have 35 babies (30 Easter Eggers and 5 Ameraucanas) in there which puts my total chicken total to .... not sure but I think around 120 or so. They are almost two weeks old now!

Hi, Mom!

Bear and Lambchop greeted me this morning with a gift. Bear proudly dropped this lovely gift at my feet. Lambchop picked it up. They chased each other and then spent the next hour fighting over it. And what is this amazing gift? A beautiful, smelly, disgusting piece of fur from some random dead animal. Jealous, aren't you? Not being a dog, I don't quite understand the fascination with an ugly piece of hide, but the dogs were beyond excitement. They've also brought me a skull and a vertebrae in the last few days. Makes a mom proud.


  1. The chicks are soo cute, takes me back to my farm days as a kid, as for the dogs, welll thats just dogs for ya, our dog chews , eats and playes with just about anything she can sink her teeth into when shes out side even though she has actual chew toys , play rope and other doggie toys for out side,we call her (bucket mouth) beacuse of it lol ! gota love them though ! Have a great day !

  2. What cute chicks. You are going to have a ton of eggs at your farm. That is great. Lambchop reminds me of the dog from LIttle Rascals :) So cute.


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